What is Qi? 


We receive our original vital energy or Qi from our parents at the time of conception.  This is the bio-electrical force which keeps us alive, making our heart beat, our lungs breathe in and out etc... Qi manifests as an electromagnetic field, with currents circulating all around our body to support all systems. This vital energy regulates all functions, it circulates through an energy system, an intricate  network of invisible channels reaching every cell and organ, also balancing mind and emotions. 



Qi exists in a state of undivided oneness  (like electricity combines perfectly positive and negative charges or yin and yang energies). The proper balance of both polarities in our vital organs will determine our state of health.

When Qi is circulating freely and well, we are health and vitality. If obstructed, the balance of yin and yang is disrupted. This is the root cause of disease.

Qi is responsible for our mood, feelings of happiness and ability to love, care.  For more information about our talks, workshops, classes and Qi treatments, please email us: info@qicentre.org