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Our Team

  We are dedicated in helping people regain good health and vitality and to guide them in experiencing the healing power of Qi. Our welcome is warm, kind, patient and understanding.  

We receive intense training in South Korea in the ancient healing art of Qi, based on martial arts systems. Our practitioners are known as “Qi Masters” and are committed to spreading this healing art around the world, helping people recover, not only good health, but also happiness and their innate warmth and kindness.

 With Qi, people can  create renewed vital energy and regain better health, natural balance and wellbeing. In doing so, they can positively impact on their family, their community, society.  

Please email us: info@qicentre.org  or  call (02) 9438 4419

 "Once again I want to reconfirm my utmost gratitude for all your wonderful & powerful Qi Treatments during this past year. I truly believe you all have worked a miracle in helping me to recover from my excruciating back pain after I fell down some stairs and compressed two vertebrae.

My doctor could only suggest I take Panadol to relieve the pain. If not for your amazing treatments and training classes that have opened my energy channels and removed the pain blockage, I would still today, only be masking the pain with Panadol. 

Thanks to the Qi Centre,  I am now living an active and productive life and am 95% pain free. Your generosity of time, guidance and sincere efforts to help me recover will long be imprinted in my memory " . 

Forever grateful,

Chantel, Sydney December 2011