Our Approach


Our approach is based on the knowledge that the human body consists of not only matter but also energy. The health and wellbeing or our physical body depends greatly on how smooth  the flow of our vital energy is, through our energy channels or meridians and the amount of vital energy we have.

During the first session, we give you an energy assessment that is we check your energy levels and its circulation in your energy system. The Qi treatment  targets the blockage or blockages obstructing the energy flow in the body and helps in receiving vital energy at the same time. Once you start receiving energy, we are able to gauge how much your energy flow and blood circulation are improving as they are both important to support all our physical functions.

Our lifestyle and emotional state also determine the health of our energy system. When we are happy our energy system is stable and the energy flows well but when we are depressed, angry, upset, the channels linked up with the emotions close up because simply the body  cannot deal with these emotions.  When our energy system closes up in this way, energy blockages are created which affects the energy flow and blood circulation. By receiving vital energy we are more supported in managing our emotions to minimize the formation of  blockages and toxins in our energy system and body.  Overall the health of our physical and mental health can improve considerably.


The cumulative effect of the treatments is powerful. We recommend our tailored wellbeing programmes, with multiple Qi treatment sessions, support and classes to treat and teach you how to manage your health and improve your condition.  


 We also teach people through our Qi classes how to keep their energy channels open and  how to receive the original vital energy to recharge our ‘battery’. Once we receive energy, our system knows what to do in a very natural way, how to heal and restore the full potential of our vital functions in our body giving us health and well being.