How it Works


We are born with our own reserve of vital energy or Qi, like the force of an "internal battery" which "powers" our life. Qi is our original invisible vital energy. We have plenty of this energy inside, but we don’t always feel it at work specially when we are enjoying our life! We only think about energy when we have a lack of it....when tired, stressed, anxious or hurt, sad, angry, depressed...




When a problem arises, it means the original Qi is no longer supporting a part of our body properly or even our mind. If there is chest pain, there may be a shortage of energy around the heart or nausea could be associated with the stomach. Whatever thoughts and feelings we harbor in mind and heart, they eventually impact on the physical body and our overall well being.


In pain


Our life force within always reacts to negativity and imbalance, so our body sets a defense system, a blockage, which acts as an essential protection. But if the blockage stays too long, it starts to drain our energy in the surrounding organs and which affects our mind even more. Energy blockages hold the memory of negative emotions and toxins altogether. 


When we receive Qi through a Qi treatment or a class, and our life force begins to circulate normally, we begin to listen to our real self, our real life which exists for us, to support our happiness and health. When blockages open, we feel more space for ourselves, happier and lighter.  The Qi method helps us take care of our energy system which is controlled by our thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Qi has to circulate everywhere in body to keep us healthy. The character of this original vital energy is light, love and energy.