How Giving Changes Everything


Volunteering at The Qi Centre


We work alongside individuals, organisations and businesses wanting  to share their: skills, time, resources, talent, whatever they can give, whenever they can….….this is sharing with real heart….  When we offer something to others, , to society or to the world at large, our life takes on a deeper meaning, and this makes us feel happier. Studies have shown that volunteering and giving improves many aspects of our health.


We often think that happiness depends on focusing on ourselves and on our feelings and desires. We accumulate possessions, experiences, friends even. But how happy does that really make us?


Experiences of true happiness often come from what we can give, not on what we can get. When concentrating on our own feelings of pain or desires,  we often feel miserable. We tend to think that everything is about us, exclusively. But it’s not. When we focus on what we aren’t getting, on what other people aren’t doing. on what’s wrong, we feel grumpy and miserable. We get irritated by other people and take everything personally. We feel that people are trying to annoy us when really they are just dealing with their own stuff.  When we put our focus on giving, rather than receiving everything changes.


When we concentrate on other people’s happiness we learn to truly appreciate and value others and we learn to value and love ourselves.  

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