What should I expect when I arrive at the Qi Centre?

First you will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire. You will be able to discuss your ailments if any and health goals with a Qi Practitioner.

You will then receive a Qi Treatment and have time to discuss the Qi Practitioner’s findings and advice concerning your health.


What happens during and after a Qi Treatment?

A Qi Treatment begins with you lying on your back, fully clothed. The Qi Practitioner will check your energy circulation by resting their hands on your abdomen area.  They will then begin to open the energy blockages on the energy channels or meridians with acupressure and sound. The whole body front and back, head, neck and shoulders are worked on.  After the treatment a brief assessment of the energy flow is discussed and further advice is given by the practitioner if necessary.


How should I expect to feel afterwards?

In general, most people report feeling relaxed, lighter and less stressed, as well as feeling more energy.  In some cases people feel 'less foggy'  in the head and able to think clearer. They  feel better immediately but in some cases it is possible to experience some tiredness following the Qi Treatment whilst energy is fully digested into your system. This should dissipate over the next few days and give a sense of well being and having more energy.


Can I have a Qi Treatment while on medication?

Yes. There is no evidence to suggest that Qi Treatment interferes with any medication or other treatments. Always consult your medical practitioner if you have any concerns. It has been proven to very effective as a complementary therapy for example with cancer patients suffering from side effects of medical treatments, boosting the immune system and levels of energy.  


Is it painful?

Qi Practitioners treat all ages from young children through to the elderly, the acupressure and style of treatment is adjusted accordingly.  If you are particularly sensitive you may wish to advise us before the session. We endeavour to make it a pleasant experience, but sometimes removing a blockage can cause a short moment of discomfort which is soon replaced with renewed wellbeing.


Can I have a treatment after a Qi class?

You certainly can if you feel you need extra support. We encourage people to attend classes regularly so they have a chance to create more vitality on their own, and through their efforts.


I cannot meditate or calm my thoughts, what should I do?

The Qi classes consists of sound and gentle exercise done in a beautiful and peaceful environment. This greatly helps to calm the busy mind.  Most people feel relaxed after a Qi class. However everyone is different having different lifestyles and mind set. With the Qi classes we also provide guidance to meditation where several techniques are discussed to best suit the person.