The Qi Centre is a non-profit organisation.  The Qi practitioners (Qi masters) received intense training in South Korea in the ancient healing art of Qi. Based on ancient martial arts systems, our training is ascetic in essence with considerable time for meditation, mountain trekking, chanting and other work of endurance. This prepares our own energy system and changes our vibration so that we acquire the ability to transmit vital energy while maintaining our own reserve of Qi through our different healing methods.

This is followed by practical training in applying Qi for classes and individual acupressure therapy. We travel regularly to South Korea, for on-going  and professional development.




We work to spread this healing method around the world, helping people recover, not only good health, but also happiness and their innate warmth and kindness. Qi Masters are working to share this healing art around the world (many of our advanced students  have learnt how to give the Qi treatments).


Our healing techniques go back to ancient traditions from the East, simply based on the observance of the laws of Nature [read more].