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The Qi Centre in Sydney is now called Jungshim.

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“The change of name holds an agenda hidden from the public eye: even though it delivers effective healing, and you will feel better, their ultimate purpose is to recruit “qi masters” among their best clientele who may give up their work and their life to do “volunteer” work. This persuasion process is achieved step-by-step, through carefully planned manipulative processes, using proven and solid mind control systems, to lock in each step.”

Check this video to understand how your money and time will be used in Jungshim

The practitioners below are members of my own family.

They have a truly beautiful heart, are professional in their work and have a high sense of service to others. But the Korean sect have  exploited their kind nature and have brainwashed them, although they will strongly deny this. They have been programmed to work for no pay for years, with no financial support for their retirement years, with a promise of going to Heaven after the end of the world. Evidence about their spiritual enslavement abound on the internet and in my forthcoming book.

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Jungshim founders have been imprisoned in the past and released. Today Jungshim’s most active leader in the West, lives in London, he calls himself Master Oh.

In this video he is urging the troops to make more money

Master Oh is responsible for the current homelessness of my 93-year old father, George and myself, who have sought refuge in our native Mauritius, after living in Sydney for three decades as Australian citizens.

Here is George speaking up

Oh my God Eric geaorge Author

We want to warn the Australian people about Jungshim

If you want to read my detailed story, the unspoken abuse to so many and how we became homeless, you can pre-order my book entitled “Oh My God” to be published soon.

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Every Jungshim follower believes they are doing good work because immediate good results are real. So they have a strong PR machine with testimonies as back up. But going past the “shop front window”, you will discover their toxic culture, their practice of “financial violence”, the hidden agenda, the trauma they have already created over 3o years in the West and their dark past, catching up on the leaders. This is not a smear campaign, everything is based on reality, facts that occurred. No lies. I have tons of footage and email correspondence as evidence. More and more people are ready to speak up after years of fear and intimidation.
I am one of them.

Eric George

Check this site to understand the NEW science of cults